Saturday, 22 June 2013

Castles in the air

To indulge in visionary projects or day dreams

Augustus Sermo 2 Subtracto fundamentio in aere aedificare 1566 PAINTER Pal of Pleas (Jacobs) Alerand  .. was a building of castels in the ayre. 1589 North Plutarch 1676 They build castles in the air and thought to do great wonders  1612-15  Ye great men , spend not all your time castles in the air , or houses on the sand. 1633 Massingers  Mor Ha Ha these castles you build in the air. Will not persuade me to give or lend me a token to you. 1894 BLACKMORE  Perlycross:  His wife had seen Jenny dancing with one of her pretty daughters and edified with castles in the air,