Friday, 12 April 2013

Vauxhall Gardens 1783

Vauxhall -Oxford Journal 24th May 1783

Its Garden of Shady walks, and its brilliant Trees Own the fashionable crowd, the Peer , in stately pride, shews his glittering Star to the astonished City Misses, whilst the smart Shopman, having shook of the Humility of his Morning Countenance in submissive Cheapside, struts with flowing chitterlings and beruffled Knuckles as great and proud as a new made Lord. The Chicken Eaters,and the Ham tasters, the Wine bibbers and the Champagne Bucks take their seats and while some eat through hunger and others drink from Ostentations, the passing Crowd the ocular Dimensions, from the scene and carry the visaged remark from one box to another the smell of Poudre d'Orleans and Lavender Water distinguishes the Great from the little, but the Devonshire Sash is common to all; and the Maid of Fifty ties on the Nursery Ceslus with as much pride of being thought young enough to wear it, as Miss when she believes the Age fifteen entails her to the appellation of woman