Saturday, 1 January 2011

Old Bill's Almanack 2011

I thought that I would stick my neck out and predict 13 events to occur in Leek and looking a little further out national and international events for the New Year. As far as the last prediction as far as first contact with aliens during 2011. I checked and  Paddy Power are offering 100-1 on this eventuality. And if it does come to pass I will be having a pint of Vulcan beer in the "Final Frontier" pub next January 1st.
  1. A comfortable majority will vote against the Sainsbury road proposals on a small turn out in the January referendum.
  2. The Conservative led administration at SMDC will lose power in the May District Council elections.
  3. The Foxlowe Community Arts venue plans will begin to come into fruition in 2011.
  4. Unemployment will increase markedly in Leek during the year.
  5. Fear of crime will increase following a major incident in the town during the summer.
  6. The Churnet Valley Rail development will continue to gather interest and support throughout the year.
  7. Major civil unrest including riots in major cities in the UK will increase as unemployment rises towards 3 million by the autumn.
  8. A leading Liberal Democrat member of the coalition will leave the Government and defect to the Labour Party in the autumn.
  9. Pakistan will be subject to a military coup.
  10. An environmental catastrophe will occur in China.
  11. A major earthquake will hit California in June.
  12. There will be a major terrorism event in a European City
  13. Contact with an extra terrestrial civilisation will occur in September